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Since 1993 Ipros Ingegneria Ambientale S.r.l. provides services and consultancies to private customers and public Institutions in many fields of hydraulic and environmental engineering.

The Company has a highly qualified technical staff composed of hydraulic engineers with long experience in different fields of activity. The constant upgrading of skills and technologies allows the Company to offer its customers a service of high technical content with the highest standards of quality and reliability


The experience gained in more than 20 years of professional activity allows Ipros to provide a number of services ranging from the design and construction management of hydraulic structures to specialized studies and consultancies regarding river floods and flood risk, hydraulic and environmental problems of lagoons and coastal waters, coastal defense.


Ipros provides hydrological and hydraulic modeling studies using advanced and up-to-date numerical tools. 1D, 2D and 3D models are used for applications in rivers, lagoons and coastal waters, in order to simulate the behaviour of the hydraulic system under different hypotheses (steady or unsteady state, fixed or moving bed, variable density). Ipros also uses proprietary software and models developed within the Company itself, which allow customization of applications according to specific customer needs.


Ipros has developed an extensive and specific experience in the field of hydraulic and environmental measurements. It has own equipment and skilled personnel able to carry out  measurements campaigns, monitoring and field surveys independently.

Activities and services

hydrologic and hydraulic studies for flood protection projects

Evaluation of maximum river discharge and flood with different return periods. Analysis of flood routing in river networks and identification of critical sections. Mapping of areas with hydraulic hazard, vulnerability and risk. Investigations are generally aimed at plans for the assessment and risk management of floods on behalf of Water Authorities at National, Interregional and Regional level, and are carried out based on 1D and 2D mathematical models.

rivers and waterways restoring projects

Feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design of hydraulic works for rivers and waterways restoration. Banks, banks protection and armouring, jetties, works in the river bed and in the floodplains. Projects are generally supported by 1D or 2D modeling, assuming fixed or moving bed hypotheses.

design of hydroelectric plants

Feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design of new plants or restoring and/or improvements of existing plants. The design is generally supported by hydrological and hydraulic studies based on numerical models, and by direct measurements of flow rates, water stages and related heads and losses.

hydraulic design assessment

Ipros carries out hydraulic studies of new plans and projects and draw up the Hydraulic Assessment Document according with current directives of Veneto Region ( DGR Region Veneto n. 2948 of 6 October 2009) on behalf of municipalities as part of their spatial planning or within regional water plans.

Ipros also contributes to the design of urban development plans dealing specifically with:

  • design of drainage network and devices for excess flow management
  • design of necessary hydraulic devices for flood prevention
  • plans for management of stormwater run-off, according to the directives of the Plan for Waters Protection of the Veneto Region (DGR 05/15/2012, n. 842)

hydraulic measurements for hydroelectric plants control

Ipros carries out on site flow measurements to verify the hydraulic operation of hydroelectric plants. Ipros provides consultancies on the  flow rates and the plant performances using hydrological and hydrodynamic models.

1D-2D-3D numerical modelling of hydraulics in rivers, lagoons and coastal waters

Ipros has gained specific experience in application of numerical modeling in hydraulic engineering, mainly for simulating flow in rivers, lakes, lagoons and coastal waters.

Studies are carried out with 1D models, for the waterways of smaller size, with 2D models for wider streams, floodplains and simulations of floods of the external areas, with 3D models for detailed models of lagoons, river mouths and salt wedge simulations.

For applications in rivers and lagoons Ipros mainly uses the finite element hydrodynamic model 2DEF (2D and 3D versions) developed by Profs. L. D’Alpaos and A. Defina of University of Padua, which includes a number of modules for simulating the flow field assuming different hypotheses (steady and unsteady flow, sediment transport, transport and diffusion of solutes and pollutants, density currents, waves).

In relation to the specific customer requirements, Ipros also uses other hydrology and hydraulics software of widespread use or open source, such as Hec-Ras by USACE, EPANET and SWMM by EPA, and SWAN DELFT-3D by Deltares.

Ipros also uses software and models developed in an independent and original way in the Company, which allow customization of applications according to specific customer needs.

hydro-morphological studies of rivers, lagoons and coastal waters

Ipros provides expert advice on hydro-morphological dynamics of natural and artificial water bodies for surveys, environmental impact assessment studies, design of hydraulic structures. Jobs undertaken in this area are mainly related to sediment dynamics in lagoons and coastal waters, sedimentation of ports and docks, littoral regime and coastal erosion, river sediment transport and dynamics of river beds. The surveys are generally carried out using two-dimensional models of flow and sediment transport, and, for studies in coastal waters, two-dimensional models of wave propagation.

water quality studies

Analysis with 2D and 3D models of transport and mixing of salinity and temperature in lagoons, coastal waters, tidal basins. Simulation of transport and diffusion of conservative/non-conservative solutes, dissolved pollutants, BOD. Studies for the assessment and control of water quality in ports and turistic harbour. Environmental impact studies.

analysis and optimization of water supply and urban drainage networks

Design and analysis of water supply networks. Network improvement and tanks optimization. Simulations in steady and in unsteady state. Analysis of control devices (gates, pumps, air cases, water towers). Analysis is carried out using software Epanet and proprietary software for unsteady state simulations (e.g. water hammer simulation) . Design and analysis of drainage systems. Optimization of urban drainage networks. Simulation of extreme events and flood prevention studies using SWMM software and proprietary software for complex 1D-2D simulations.

flow measurements and hydraulic monitoring

Measurements of water levels and flows with owned instruments (hydrometric propellers, ADCP current meters) in natural and artificial waterways. Flow measurements in lagoons, bays, coastal waters. Flow measurement in adduction and discharge of hydroelectric plants. Measurements in drainage canals and urban networks. Measurements of temperature and salinity in lagoons, lakes, rivers by CTD profiling.

topoghraphic and bathymetric surveys

Ipros carries out topographic surveys with its own instrumentation (GNSS antenna with RTK technology and latest-generation portable controller) mainly in the hydraulic and coastal maritime sectors (embankments, works in rivers and canals, maritime works, coastlines, nourishment and beaches). It also carries out bathymetric surveys with its own instrumentation (single beam echo sounder, navigation software) mainly in rivers, canals, lagoons, coastal waters.

development of geographic information systems (GIS and Webgis)

Ipros uses GIS for processing and storing geo-referenced data to support the modeling studies in hydraulic and environmental projects. Ipros develops customized geographic archives and web GIS systems for the publication of geographic data on the network.