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Ipros carries out hydraulic measurements in rivers and lagoons and control measurements for supporting the design and monitoring of water projects.

Field surveys have always been for Ipros the main reference for the quantitative analysis and the evaluation of the hydraulic problems, as well as an indispensable support for the calibration and verification of the mathematical models.

The company has its own equipment and specialized personnel able to provide the complete service including the experimental, data processing and analysis of data according to current scientific standards.

In river hydraulics, Ipros provides flow measurements, performed on almost every kind of stream both in normal and in high stages. Since the first measurements made in the 90s with propeller current meters , today Ipros operates with the latest technology and in particular owns an high resolution ADCP current meter suitable to operate in rivers, canals, coastal waters and lagoon.

Ipros routinely performs lagoon measurement campaigns surveying tide and currents coupled with CTD  measurement (vertical profiles of temperature and salinity) to detect the governing forcings in the coastal and brackish waters. In this area Ipros can build on the considerable experience acquired in numerous scientific collaborations with prof. Jorg Imberger, a leading expert in the international field of hydrodynamics and mixing in lakes, lagoons and coastal waters.

Ipros also specializes in surveys for supporting the design of new hydroelectric plants and metering activities for the verification of existing plants or tests for the validation of the production.


The company owns the following equipment:

Acoustic Doppler profiler ADCP Workhorse Rio Grande 1 200 kHz model manufactured by Teledyne RD Instruments, equipped with three hulls boat with wireless real-time data transmission.
The instrument is equipped with two different data acquisition software: WinRiverII acquires and processes data when the instrument is dragged along a transect crossing the current, SxS is used for  stationary ADCP discharge data collection if the same way of measurements as a propeller current meter is required

Acoustic Doppler profiler Stream Pro model manufactured by Teledyne RD Instruments, equipped with a trimaran boat with wireless connection for real-time data transmission. Like the Rio Grande Workhorse, this instrument uses the two WinRiverII and SxS software.

Castaway CTD profiler model produced by SONTEC / YSI inc. with a sampling frequency of 5 Hz able to quickly detect vertical profiles of temperature, salinity and density of the water.

Tidal and water level gauges, either pressure or acoustic type, self-recording with data logger, for the continuous monitoring of the water level fluctuations, both in lagoons and in rivers, waterways and hydroelectric plants.

Propeller current meters of different sizes for flow measurements from bridge or within the streams when ADCP  measurements are not possible or to meet specific customer requirements.

RTK GPS system composed of Leica GNSS GS16 antenna and Leica CS20 controller for topographic surveys.

Bathymetric system composed of single beam Ohmex Sonarmite depth sounder, GPS antenna, HYPACK navigation software, support trimaran, for surveys in river waters, lagoons and coastal waters, even on very shallow waters.

Small Canadian 370 aluminum boat, with outboard motor, transportable, for bathymetric, current measurements, CTD and inspections.